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Feedback & Other Hate Mail

Published on Dec 9, 2011 by Luke Hunt

As part of an occasional series AsiaWATCH is publishing links to the more controversial articles of late and the sometimes terse response they elicited.AsiaWATCH won kudos for this piece on the Eurozone debt crisis as it spirals from one embattled bond market to the next.It said; It is becoming clear we are likely heading into a double dip global recession. Whilst economic fundamentals of the United States may in fact be improving, investor pessimism is quickly spreading across the globe.Headlined: Khmer Rouge: Vietnam Did It! The Diplomat’s Luke Hunt scored another lawyer of scorn from those opposed to the Khmer Rouge Tribnal currently underway in Phnom Penh.He wrote: Old hatreds die hard, and nowhere has this been more evident than....

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Malaysia’s Militant Headache

Published on Dec 4, 2011 by Luke Hunt

Tawau is a quiet little place – and possibly the remotest city in Malaysia. Tucked away near the Indonesian border in the state of Sabah, it’s well known in diplomatic circles as a Malaysian transit hub between Indonesia and the Southern Philippines.It’s also a favorite stop over for pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, illegal workers and the Darul Islam movement, whose roots can be traced back to Indonesia’s independence almost 65 years ago. Since then, Darul Islam has spawned a litany of Muslim militant groups like Jemaah Islamiyah (JI).Most who pass through continue on, but some stay to stock-up on supplies, reload and plan for another day as authorities found out when 13 suspected terrorists were arrested in Tawau last month under....

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Malaysia, Maids & the Lash

Published on Oct 26, 2011 by Luke Hunt

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak hasn’t put a political foot wrong since speculation began an election could be called for as soon as November or early in the New Year. First, he announced an inquiry into electoral reforms, then repealed laws curtailing civil liberties and delivered an election friendly budget.But Najib pulled off a real coup last week, winning an agreement from Jakarta that will allow Indonesian maids to return to work in Malaysia. That decision will prove popular, particularly among the middle class Muslim women of Peninsula Malaysia who say they are suffering from a lack of domestic help after Indonesia banned its women from working there because of appalling treatment meted out by many employers.Read more in The....

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