• Foreign Correspondence

    Podcast: Luke Hunt

    On Hong Kong Heritage this weekend… As a student, longtime Hongkonger and Australian veteran journalist Luke Hunt first learned about Pham Xuan An, a South Vietnamese who spied for the Communist north during the Vietnam [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Podcast: Nick Ray

    Travel writer and film producer Nick Ray has had a wide range of roles during his career in Southeast Asia focused on mainland Southeast Asia. He has written the best-selling Lonely Planet Cambodia guidebook for [...]
  • Journalist Craig Skehan
    Foreign Correspondence

    Podcast: Craig Skehan

    Australian journalist Craig Skehan has covered Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands over the last four decades, for major news outlets including The Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Associated Press (AAP). That included the 2009 massacre in [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    Climate Change

    Climate change is a reality which is changing the way humans live across the planet, from bushfires in Australia to those who rely on rivers and the oceans to sustain themselves. As always the poor [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    Mekong Blues

    The Mekong River and those who rely on it are facing tough times. Massive dam construction, climate change and drought are taking an unprecedented toll on the world’s 12th largest river. Here well will soon [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Podcast: Annemarie Evans

    Annemarie Evans, a broadcaster with Radio Televion Hong Kong (RTHK), has lived in Hong Kong for more than 26 years and witnessed the substantial changes the city has undergone, particularly since the end of British [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    Hong Kong

    Anti-government demonstrations have escalated and turned nasty in Hong Kong, raising fears of military intervention by Beijing. Read more here: Decisive acton will not resolve Hong Kong’s problems Hong Kong’s business people set their sights [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    China Update

    Updates on China, its expansion policies and their impact. Hong Kong and the dark art of reading Xinhua Beijing haunted by nasty past, fearsome present and unlikely future Tiananmen Square: Remembering a massacre The Meddling [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    East Timor

    East Timor is commemorating the 20th anniversary of a referendum that delivered its independence but sparked widespread massacres that left 1,500 people dead and displaced about half-a-million people. here is a collection of stories from [...]