• Ricketson spent 14 months behind bars before his three week trial ended with a guilty verdict and a six year jail term
    Foreign Correspondence

    Ricketson Jailed for Spying

    The recent guilty verdict in the long running espionage trial of Australian filmmaker James Ricketson, who was arrested last year for flying a drone over an opposition political rally without a permit, is troubling on [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Cambodia’s ‘Election’

    Arguably the real story of Cambodia’s 2018 election was that Prime Minister Hun Sen has effectively pulled the bamboo curtain down on a quarter century of multiparty democracy in the Southeast Asian state. Read more. [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    Pham Xuan An, The Punji Trap

    During the Vietnam War, journalist Pham Xuan An covertly straddled two worlds. As a correspondent for Time and Reuters, An was a champion of the Western liberal media; as a spy for Hanoi, he played [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Phnom Penh Post Sold

    Australian miner Bill Clough has ended months of speculation and announced the sale of The Phnom Penh Post – effectively the last bastion of independent journalism in Cambodia – to a Malaysian investor for an [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    SE Asia’s Tough Elections

    Four pending general elections have the potential to reshape Southeast Asian political dynamics with the recent slide towards autocracy raising fears that the ballot box will become little more than a tool for entrenching authoritarian [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Shah Marai: 1977-2018

    Shah Marai Faizi, a dedicated family man, a brave and terrific colleague, friend and accomplished war photographer was killed in Kabul, Monday April 30. Twenty-five people, including nine journalists, were killed in the double suicide [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    Vietnam Hopes for Free Press

    A free press has been an anathema in Vietnam ever since the communists seized control of the north in 1954 and annexed the south 21 years later. But there are hopes that Hanoi’s rigid control [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Channthy Kak: 1980-2018

    As lead singer of the Cambodian Space Project and as a solo performer, Kak Channthy mesmerized and arguably did more for the rebirth of the Cambodian music scene than any other performer since peace was [...]
  • Photo by Luke Hunt

    Cross Culture: Lestari Girls

    The Diplomat’s Luke Hunt interviews the stars of Lestari Girls. When Ningsih Millane arrived in Australia as a young wife in 1987 from Indonesia she had left behind a life and an art-loving family that spanned the archipelago from [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    The Last Foreign Correspondent

    As Britain handed its cherished Hong Kong back to China in 1997 and Cambodia endured a coup that would bring decades of civil war to an end, American journalist Dan Boylan filed the following. PHNOM [...]