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    Historical: The Last Correspondent

    As Britain handed its cherished Hong Kong back to China in 1997 and Cambodia endured a coup that would bring decades of civil war to an end, American journalist Dan Boylan filed the following. PHNOM [...]
  • AsiaWATCH

    Vietnam Hopes for Free Press

    A free press has been an anathema in Vietnam ever since the communists seized control of the north in 1954 and annexed the south 21 years later. But there are hopes that Hanoi’s rigid control [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Channthy Kak: 1980-2018

    As lead singer of the Cambodian Space Project and as a solo performer, Kak Channthy mesmerized and arguably did more for the rebirth of the Cambodian music scene than any other performer since peace was [...]
  • Photo by Peter O'Sullivan

    Launch of the Punji Trap

    The Punji Trap was officially launched on January 24, 2018, at Meta House in Phnom Penh with more than 100 people attending. Journalist and videographer Craig Skehan hosted the event and former Saigon Reuters bureau [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Hong Kong Tempered 20 years After

    FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — Twenty years ago, millions of Chinese cheered as Britain ended its run as a global empire with the handover of Hong Kong — its last colony that mattered — to the communist [...]
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    Spirits Thrive at Nat Pwe

    TAUNGBYONE, Myanmar — This year’s Nat Pwe in Taungbyone attracted perhaps 100,000 people from across Myanmar’s diverse religious, ethnic and cultural groups. Some came for the food, others for the party but most came to [...]
  • Photo by Luke Hunt/Bomborra Images

    A Speech for an Australian Prime Minister

    AUSTRALIAN CORRESPONDENT — Australian playwright Ross Mueller has captured the nuances of politics down under with his latest effort I Can’t Even, starring the actor and social commentator Rhys Muldoon as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who shares the role with the actress Louise [...]
  • Foreign Correspondence

    Taking off: The Cambodian Space Project

    FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — Australian musician Julien Poulsen and Cambodian diva Sry Thy — also known as Channthy Kak – are the stars of the rock band Cambodian Space Project, which has won a legion [...]