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Published on Feb 3, 2019 by Luke Hunt

Stories and Podcasts from Bomborra.PODCAST: Remembering Heng Samrin and Cambodia’s Rebirth. Luke Hunt speaks with veteran journalist Peter Starr about the career of one of the twentieth century’s greatest guerrilla commanders.In another leap backwards, China jails its lawyersNo word from Vietnam over detention of pro-democracy activistsJokowi’s Failed Bashir Gamble Reveals the Danger of Playing the Religion Card in Indonesia ASEAN: economic community can step up. The 10-members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) are facing a difficult year. Slower growth, higher interest rates and a trade war between China and the United States are expected to undermine stability in the financial markets.Recent WeeksPODCAST: Inside Thailand’s Miracle Cave Rescue. A conversation with one of the key witnesses to an....

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Garbage Feeds Thousands

Published on Oct 22, 2018 by Luke Hunt

Homeless and poverty is an increasing issue in affluent Australia. In Melbourne, considered among the world’s most liveable cities, Dumpster Diving through the bins of supermarkets to salvage what’s left is now common. By Morgan Reinwald Spiralling through the grime-filled alleyways of central Melbourne is a repugnant experience. Trenching between two tired concrete structures stained with rebel graffiti, the combination of litter and human faeces form a stench that is abominable. Despite this, the notion of garbage is appropriating a wide range of goods and nutrition that appear no different to shelf-bought items. Nonetheless, many of Australia’s biggest food and retail companies are throwing away items every day that are perfect for consumer’s consumption. Hence, the trend known as ‘dumpster....

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