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Taib Mahmud’s Really Excellent Retirement

Published on Mar 7, 2014 by Luke Hunt

Luke Hunt, writing for The Diplomat, reviews Sarawak’s chief minister's decision to step down with an impressive fortune, and a barrage of legal assaults.For 33 years Taib Mahmud has ruled the East Malaysian state of Sarawak as a personal fiefdom. He has more years at the helm than perhaps any other Southeast Asian leader, longer even than Hun Sen, who has ruled as prime minister of Cambodia for the most part since 1985.In the process, Taib – known as Pak Uban or the “white haired uncle” – and his family have amassed a fortune worth $20 billion or more, and established business tentacles through 400 companies into the tiniest reaches of the state and around the world that will ensure his....

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