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United States 2020 Elections

Published on Nov 22, 2020 by Luke Hunt

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A list of stories written by Luke Hunt regarding the November 3 2020 elections in the United States.
A Taliban endorsement worthy of our times
Of the few re-election endorsements enjoyed by Donald Trump, a double thumbs up from the Taliban was the most appropriate. After all, the US President gifted the hardline fundamentalist militia what its leaders crave most — fewer American troops, a promise to withdraw from Afghanistan and talks, lots of talks. Read more.
Southeast Asia to benefit if Biden wins US election
Four years of the Trump administration have soured US relations with Southeast Asia, which he largely ignored, dispatching his low-level minions when it suited his trade war with China designed to please his white working-class base. Read more.
Joe Biden’s long and bumpy road in Southeast Asia
US president-elect Joe Biden will have a difficult time winning back American influence in Southeast Asia after a tumultuous four years resulted in a political overhaul that left the region struggling under authoritarianism. Read more.
Joe Biden’s Cambodian Sideshow
Once he takes office, U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will have his hands full attempting to repair his country’s prestige, left battered by foreign policies which ignored diplomatic norms and were replaced by transactional deals that failed to make America great, again. Read more.