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Last Bali Bomber Nabbed

Published on Apr 11, 2011 by Luke Hunt

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A poster of Hambali who planned the Bali Bombings is posted outside the mosque from where the attack was planned in Phnom Penh.

Almost nine years after twin detonations by Islamic militants left 202 people dead on the idyllic Indonesian island of Bali, the last of the bombers has been arrested, signalling an end to a historic manhunt. Luke Hunt writes forĀ Spectrum.

Omar Patek, also known as Umar, the Little Arab and Mike, was captured by Pakistani authorities in January following an apparent tip-off from US intelligence. He was shot and wounded and information surrounding his arrest and whereabouts has only just been released.

“Patek certainly represents the last of the initial generation of jihadists,” said Keith Loveard, a regional security analyst with Jakarta-based Concord Consultancy.