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David Brown

Published on Mar 13, 2023 by Luke Hunt

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Kitted-out, Australian filmmaker David Brown goes to work. David's extensive catalogue includes documentaries produced in Nepal, Australia and Cambodia through his company David Brown Films. David’s clients include government organisations of all types, businesses, individuals, community groups and Non Government Organisations(NGO’s) both in Australia and overseas. He believes the process of recording stories of all types is of great benefit in the development of individuals and communities. Going into a community and capturing that collective voice, the expression of that story is fundamental in creating understanding and change. Davids unobtrusiveness quickly develops trust in any environment, this enables him to get to the core a story and the hearts of the people involved. He has a gentle tenacity that enables him to work with a broad range of people in any environment without judgement, often guiding and supporting clients through the experience. His films have been broadcast nationally, shown on the big screens both in Australia and overseas. His considerable experience includes all aspects of film making.