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Marc Carnegie: 1963-2023

Published on Feb 7, 2023 by Luke Hunt

Marc Carnegie, an American foreign correspondent who has reported from Iran, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan and dozens of other countries around the globe, passed away on Feb. 7 from complications of the liver and a brief illness. He was 59.His work in Iraq was lauded by his peers for many years afterward. Marc had worked the desk but knew where his correspondents were and did everything he could, and more, to get them across the line safely.Long time friend and colleague Susan Stumme wrote: "I’ve struggled to find the right words to describe this devastating loss. Marc Carnegie was so many things: dear friend, brilliant wordsmith, music lover, gifted drummer, obstinate pain in the ass, booze hound, complicated soul.".

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Shirley Shackleton: 1931-2023

Published on Jan 16, 2023 by Luke Hunt

Shirley Shackleton, who passed away aged 91 on Jan. 15 was an author and tireless campaigner for Timor-Leste, she was best known as the wife of Greg Shackleton, one of the 'Balibo Five' journalists.The ABC reported she was an unlikely hero.A new mum and TV segment presenter from Melbourne, she suddenly became one of Australia's most vocal human rights advocates after her journalist husband Greg and four other Australian newsmen were brutally murdered in 1975 by Indonesian forces.They came to be known as the Balibo Five, having gone to Timor in the weeks leading up to Indonesia's occupation, to film the military invasion for Channel 7 and 9.But days after they arrived in Balibo, they disappeared.Read more here..

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Hurley Scroggins: 1961-2018

Published on Oct 6, 2018 by Luke Hunt

Hurley Scroggins, journalist and owner of what was the greatest little bar in Phnom Penh, passed away on October 4. Following the closure of Cantina, Michael Hayes, co-founder and former publisher of the Phnom Penh Post, detailed last drinks at a watering hole to be sorely missed, which stands as a fitting tribute to a generous and intelligent man whose wit was boundless, and will also be sorely missed.Adios Cantina. Viva Hurley!By Michael HayesOne of Phnom Penh’s most legendary venues closes tonight.Cantina, the restaurant cum watering hole and brainchild of Hurley Scroggins III, will shut its creaky, iron gate on the riverside late tonight for the last time—probably after midnight–and end a memorable and historic chapter in the life of....

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