Taking off: The Cambodian Space Project

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — Australian musician Julien Poulsen and Cambodian diva Sry Thy — also known as Channthy Kak – are the stars of the rock band Cambodian Space Project, which has won a legion of fans across the region and beyond for their music and politics.

Tours across Asia, Europe and gigs with Australian music icon Paul Kelly and American Motown legend Dennis Coffey have cemented the bands eclectic status which has received an added boost with the release of a documentary “Not Easy Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Produced by German film maker Marc Eberle and Australian Richard Kuipers the documentary traces their rise from Cambodian rice fields to sold out rock venues in Berlin.

Channthy and Julien spoke with The Diplomat‘s Luke Hunt about their lives on the road, cultural differences, and the sensitive mix of politics, music ,and their own personal relationship.

Listen to more from Luke Hunt at The Diplomat.

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Luke Hunt is a foreign correspondent, author and occasional photographer who has covered much of Asia fr the last 30 years.

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