This Week: HIV Tragedy Tops 200 in Cambodia

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — In a small village in Cambodia’s west, a tragic tale of  international significance has caught the local authorities off-guard. An unlicensed doctor has been charged with causing an outbreak of HIV and murder after lax practices resulted in at least 201 people contracting the potentially fatal disease.

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Believers of All Faiths Celebrate Sufi Poet

MIDDLE EAST CORRESPONDENT — As conductor of 20 of the world’s most accomplished whirling dervishes, and 30 of the greatest Sufi musicians, Fahri Ozcakil holds one of the highest spiritual positions in Turkey. But despite his high status, Mr Ozcakil remains resolutely humble.

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Aussie Drugs Granny May Have Been Fooled By Love

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — An Australian grandmother facing execution on drugs charges in Malaysia could be the victim of a military romance scam that has entrapped thousands of people.

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