Foreign Correspondence

Poverty in Laos

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — Laos is a country in transition that is enjoying robust economic growth as a result of its exposure to global markets, increased foreign investment in the country’s abundant natural resources, and […]

Foreign Correspondence

Poverty & Politics in SE Asia

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — Populist economics is on the risein Southeast Asia. Politicians have been actively adopting policies that aim to impress upon the poor that governments are doing something, however trivial, to improve their […]

Foreign Correspondence

Cambodian Land Grab

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — Violent clashes and protests over a land-grabbing disputed have taken place in the heart of the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh this week, after a development company began to bulldoze the […]


Burma’s Richest Man

No sooner had the Burmese military attempted to convince the world it was too poor to undertake a nuclear programme than its richest man emerges from the shadows to brag about the incredible fortunes he, […]