East Timor

East Timor is commemorating the 20th anniversary of a referendum that delivered its independence but sparked widespread massacres that left 1,500 people dead and displaced about half-a-million people. here is a collection of stories from […]


Australia to join Asean?

For years, the idea of Australia joining ASEAN has been circulated within some circles, with varying degrees of seriousness and oftentimes without due regard for how the idea would actually match up with political realities. […]

Foreign Correspondence

Podcast: Greg Barton

The security environment in Southeast Asia has witnessed rapid change since the end of the Cold War, with various manifestations of this including the broadening of the notion of security to include climate change and […]


The Latest

Stories and Podcasts from Bomborra. PODCAST: Remembering Heng Samrin and Cambodia’s Rebirth. Luke Hunt speaks with veteran journalist Peter Starr about the career of one of the twentieth century’s greatest guerrilla commanders. In another leap backwards, […]