Cain Nunns is a New Zealand reporter who has worked in newsrooms across Asia for the past 14 years. Outside of his editorial posts in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia, he has covered stories such as the recent Mentawais tsunami in Indonesia, religious persecution in Vietnam, health and social crisis in troubled Papua, the environmental degradation of the Mekong River, and corruption and nepotism in Laos. Cain has written for Australian Associated Press, Radio New Zealand, The Guardian, Guardian Weekly, Agence-France Presse and Sydney Morning Herald.

Displaced, Robbed & Washed Away — The Guardian — November 10th, 2010

Ivory Trade in Vietnam Endangers Elephants — The Guardian — September 21st, 2010

From Pariah to World Cup host — The Brunei Times — April 1st, 2010

Vietnam Coast Serves up a Gem — VietNews — November 1st, 2009

Take the Pressure Down — Vietnam Financial Review — April 25th, 2008

Clean Slate for Vietnam’s Street Kids — The Guardian — February 6th, 2008

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