Mekong Blues

The Mekong runs dry, striking a record low six months before the wet season is due.

The Mekong River and those who rely on it are facing tough times. Massive dam construction, climate change and drought are taking an unprecedented toll on the world’s 12th largest river. Here well will soon begin a seres of articles on its plight and the 70 million people who rely on it.

Mighty Mekong slows to a trickle

Mekong livelihoods punished by dams droughts and floods

River of no Return: Mekong faces a Grim Future

A Conversation with Milton Osborne on the Mekong River

Mekong River Strikes another Record Low

New Climate Change Fears, Old Mekong Problems

Feeling the Pinch and Saying Goodbye

Can ASEAN Save the Mekong River

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