Foreign Correspondence

Podcast: Greg Barton

The security environment in Southeast Asia has witnessed rapid change since the end of the Cold War, with various manifestations of this including the broadening of the notion of security to include climate change and […]


Australia to join Asean?

The prospect of Australia joining ASEAN was pushed before the re-election of the Morrison government, a foreign policy initiative which will gain momentum, but analysts are warning the prime minister should think twice. Read more.


Cambodia’s Genocide

PHNOM PENH — Twenty-five years ago, few thought the genocidal leaders of the Khmer Rouge would ever be tried for war crimes Pol Pot and his lieutenants lived freely in the remote northwest of Cambodia, indulged […]


China Update

Updates on China, its expansion policies and their impact. Hong Kong and the dark art of reading Xinhua Beijing haunted by nasty past, fearsome present and unlikely future Tiananmen Square: Remembering a massacre The Meddling […]