Journalist Craig Skehan
Foreign Correspondence

Podcast: Craig Skehan

Australian journalist Craig Skehan has covered Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands over the last four decades, for major news outlets including The Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Associated Press (AAP). That included the 2009 massacre in […]



A series of stories about the 10 namers of the Associations od South East nations and its relationship with foreign powers big and small. Russia Looks East Russia Touts Arms Across Southeast Asia


Climate Change

Climate change is a reality which is changing the way humans live across the planet, from bushfires in Australia to those who rely on rivers and the oceans to sustain themselves. As always the poor […]


Mekong Blues

The Mekong River and those who rely on it are facing tough times. Massive dam construction, climate change and drought are taking an unprecedented toll on the world’s 12th largest river. Here well will soon […]


Wealth Gap

A new series on the wealth gaps of Southeast Asia, and beyond, and the issues which are arising with too little for too few and too much for the handful who see themselves as elite. […]