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Indonesia Boat Tragedy

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — As the grim details emerge concerning a boat tragedy that appears to have resulted in the deaths of at least 200 people off the Indonesian coast over the weekend, few can be […]


The Despairing Status Quo

For Kim Jong-Il, he achieved his two main strategic objectives: he remained in power and he was able to turn North Korea into a nuclear weapons state.
With its massive military and starving population, the world warily ponders what will come of North Korea now it is in the hands of Kim’s young son, Kim Jong-un. Pyongyang is demanding the embattled population rally behind the “Great Successor”, who is untested and unknown in a year when revolutions have swept through so many other nations. […]

Foreign Correspondence

An Indian Firewall

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — India’s tradition of free speech may be facing its biggest obstacle yet, following an end-of-year government push to require Internet giants Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google to filter its users content for […]

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Foreign Correspondence

Vietnam: Club Together

FAR EAST CORRESPONDENT — Tuesday night’s English Club, held in a near-empty café in Hanoi’s suburbs, began like this: First, we introduced ourselves and played a game. As we went around the circle we had […]